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At the age of seven, Frank H. Sauer received his first music lesson. He was supposed to learn to play songs note for note, as was generally the normal way of learning. This was unfortunately not successful. However, five years later, he followed his intuition and sat down at the piano with neither instructions nor a teacher. Instead of following conventional methods of playing music, he freed himself from constraining standards and rules and allowed inspiration to flow spontaneously through him. The way he played the piano turned him into an instrument of creative forces himself. In this way, hundreds of compositions of widely differing genres were born, each expressive, unique and spirited in its own right.

The pieces on this album have been created as a result of this process, and feature the accompaniment of Tobias Rauck. Using modern technology and some rare instruments, he presents Frank H. Sauer’s compositions in a brand new and vibrant way. Katrin Hensler lends her voice to some songs, giving them a depth and quality which takes them above and beyond any normal or conventional sound.

“”Souls united with cultures and moved from form into being. Just as these cultures develop, so also, does music. This album is the result of a transformation around the globe, and the beginning of enlightenment and he beginning of contemplation that there might be no east or west. For a long time it was unthinkable, that right in the middle of the western world, a Buddha exhbition with an incomparable collection of exhibits from all over the world, could exist.

Our planet is a sphere, and in the middle we find inside. Just as Buddha once taught us. Today, humankind recognizes that religions are no longer needed to bring about truth and art. Indeed the new music of ancient cultures speaks to us, always saying more than words can say.“
Frank H. Sauer