Buddha-Museum (UK)


Traben-Trarbach, in the Moselle Valley, is the home of a unique collection of Buddhas, which makes up part of an exhibition illuminating and exploring the fascinating world of Buddhism. In December 2009 this exceptional exhibition was opened in an old Art Nouveau wine cellar in the Moselle Valley. Buddhist art, in particular the different Buddha figures from all the different Asian countries, form the basis for this unique symbiosis between Moselle Valley’s traditional wine culture and Buddhism’s teaching, philosophy and wisdom.

The exhibition space covering 43,000 square feet, including a roof garden and outside space of 11,000 square feet, is situated in the art nouveau building “”Julius Kayser””, built by the Berlin architect, Bruno Möhring.

The elements of art nouveau generate a lively and stimulating atmosphere throughout the enormous space. Buddhism as a teaching, a philosophy and a religion in various cultural contexts is brought alive here. A number of pictures, sculptures and other artifacts lead visitors through the vivid culture which has had an enormous influence on many people for more than 2,500 years. Buddhism’s complexity is unraveled with state of the art multimedia installations. The exhibition team continues to work on a knowledge database, which holds a large volume of information on Buddhism. This will be made accessible for visitors. In time, the collection is intended to grow into an information center for Buddhist art, and can be used as a platform by collectors and general visitors interested in the subject. The center presents a location from which one can journey into another world and encourages discussion and communication. Besides the three main types of Buddhism, Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana, many other smaller traditions of teaching and philosophy are also represented.